FACC Summer Prayer

Thanks for planning to share prayer with us!

Here’s a Quick-Start Guide to help you out:

  1. Ask the speaker (usually Ian) for the focus verses by Tuesday.
  2. Ask God to open your eyes to what He has for the body in these verses.
  3. Follow the guide Jesus set out for prayer in Matthew 6: Praise, Petition, Provision, Pardon, Power, and Praise.
  4. Use your own words, your own heart, to turn the verses into an offering.  Write what you are comfortable saying.
  5. Email your prayer in a Word document to Kathy Welch (kwelch@gci.net) by Thursday evening so she can include it in the bulletin.
  6. Come on Sunday ready to walk up front after communion to offer your prayer as part of our worship.


    • God is your audience, not us.
    • Prayer is not about perfection or eloquence, but honesty and humility.
    • Use “I” or “we,” whichever suits your thoughts.
    • Collaborate with your family, friends, small group, pen pal, if you want – a team effort is absolutely fine.
    • Matthew 6 is only a guide, not a regulation.  Follow it as it gives you support and shape, but feel free to let the Spirit lead.
    • If the Spirit leads you to share in song or another orderly form of praise, please follow.  Just let us know.

Wayne is happy to share “why we do what we do at FACC.”  If you’d like more depth, see him for a fuller explanation.

Thanks again.  God loves your Yes.