The Other Stars Hover

The Other Stars Hover & Wait
Poems & Prayers for Advent

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What This Is:

  • a four-part medley for each day in December (1-25): a poem, an About This Poem, some Bible verses, and a prayer, which is like an About This Poem for the scripture
  • poetry that’s not about Christmas as a way into the ideas through a different door
  • click here to read a sample-day

Who Loves This:

  • The general reader who skipped the Sunday School experience and wants some Bible literacy
  • The curious reader who wants to know what faith offers, without pressure to accept
  • The reader who grew up in church, but left because the Bible felt like condemnation rather than contemplation
  • The believer who wants more substance than sentiment in advent devotions this year
  • The couple feeling awkward about practicing their faith together at home
  • The church small group feeling flat and craving fresh anticipation and joy in a familiar season
  • The friend outside the church who needs a safe and gentle way to encounter the Bible
  • The book club looking for a way to make the holiday matter

What There is to Love:

  • Engaging introduction to poetry – God loves poetry, and you can, too. Gain confidence and freedom to approach poems without feeling lost or foolish.
  • Safe introduction to the Bible – See what’s in there without pressure or judgment.  Walk through the door of poetry to see what faith is about for those people who gain from it.  All the explanation without the confrontation, in a way you can understand.
  • Greater literacy – Close the gap if you choose to read with a partner. Let the reader of the Word and the reader from the world share the risk. Step toward mutual discovery.
  • Secular calendar – December 1-25, familiar and inclusive.

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